I have modified my title by calling this the “Greensboro/Memphis Effect” rather than simply the “Greensboro Effect” because it looks as if some of these blogs were repulsed or received enough provocation to started blogging as a result of it and not only the Greensboro Annual Meeting. Granted, it could very well be that some below simply decided to get a blog during this time and had nothing to do with this “effect.” However, some have explicitly stated that the reason they have chosen to blog is due to this effect. With others it is more implicit as one can easily deduce from their blogs and content that the effect has caused such responses. Nevertheless, this compilation is just that. It isn’t a recommendation of these blogs (some I like and others I don’t). Therefore, take it for what it is.

In the future as blogs continue to roll in due to this Greensboro/Memphis Effect, I will add them to this list. On my sidebar to the right is my list of compilations in which this one will be included. Also, some of these bloggers are also professors in which I will update that compilation as well. It will be interesting to see whether this “effect” will be long-term or just a reflexive of Greensboro aftermath. Here they are and the dates of their first post:

SBC Tomorrow (Peter Lumpkins) – started July 14, 2006

ConcernedSBCer – started July 11, 2006

Post Tinebrae Lux – started July 7, 2006

Beyond the Pulpit (Ergun Caner) – started July 5, 2006

Christopher Redman’s Views and Observations – started July 5, 2006

Books, Culture, and the Gospel (Alvin Reid) – started June 30, 2006

Guardian Ministries (Brad Reynolds) – started June 28, 2006

Nick-Nacks, Notes, and Notions (Nick Kennicott) – started June 28, 2006

Saved by Jesus Christ (Wayne Smith) – started June 26, 2006

Semper Reformanda (Irreverend Fox) – started June 22, 2006

SBC Pastor (Jeremy Green) – started June 22, 2006

Conventional Thinking (Al Mohler) – started June 20, 2006

Reflections as I Travel the World (H. Edward Pruitt) – started June 20, 2006

SBC Witness – started June 19, 2006

Biblical Baptists (Michael Stone) – started June 18, 2006

In Christ Alone (Michael Estes) – started June 8, 2006

The Fullness of Time (Nathan Finn) – started June 5, 2006

SBC Outhouse (Jerry Grace) – started May 29, 2006

Southern Baptists in NC (Tim Rogers) – started May 8, 2006

Praisegod Barebones (Bart Barber) – started May 7, 2006

Last Updated: July 15, 2006