Well today is the big day for Band of Bloggers. I must say that this has been a fun ride. I never thought that a little idea could turn into all this in a matter of a couple of weeks. I have only a few hours to nap before the marathon gets going, so this morning I thought I’d post the attendees as it stands via email notification. The names as you shall see are in alphabetical order. I have also included those who have emailed me who are attending who do not have blogs but are necessarily associated with the meeting as well as the wonderful volunteers who have graciously given their time and effort to assist me. Here they are:

Ricky Alcantar Humble Orthodoxy
Michael Beach i-Pastor
Michael Beasley The Armoury
Caleb Billingsley Pressing Godward
Adam Bishop Reformation Station
Peter Bogert Stronger Church
Timmy Brister Provocations and Pantings
Tom Brouwer Truthseeker
Josh Buice Practical Theology Discussions
Dustin Butts The Once Dead Poet
Tim Challies Challies Dot Com
Dan Cruver Eucatastrophe
Clif Cummings Grace Full Words
John Divito Reformed Baptist Thinker
Don Elbourne Locusts and Wild Honey
Ed Elliott Affections Fixed Above
John Estes God’s Fame for His Name
Dwayne H. Ewers Sr. The Gospel and the Kingdom
Ken Fields The World From Our Window
Alex Forrest Alex Forrest’s Blog
Kerry Gilliard Think!
Jon Grindell
Jim Harrison Spurgeonite Tabernacle
Joe Harrod The Harrod Family
Marc Heinrich Purgatorio
Mike Hess The World From Our Window
Travis Hilton Baptist Reform
Chris Hinton Truth or Consequences
John Hollandsworth Light Along the Journey
Bob Kauflin Worship Matters
Scott Lamb Wisdom of the Pages
Mark Lauterbach GospelDrivenLife
Garrett Lee Crux
Andrew Lindsey Call to Die
Paul Martin Kerux Noemata
Clint Miller Ex Quo
Chad Mondragon Vintage Faith
Stephen Newell The Silent Holocron
Chance Nichols
Shaun Nolan Pastor Shaun
Brandon Porter Covenant Life Today
Mick Porter Unveiled Face
David Price Espresso Roast
Daniel Randle Christ and Culture
Nick Reddin Truth or Consequences
Jason Robertson Fide-O
Brandon Rogers
John Rush Anvil & Fire
Matthew Sims Under Sovereign Grace
Terry Stauffer New Lumps
Justin Taylor Between Two Worlds
Jordan Thomas Solus-Christus
James Thompson Speak Plainly
Tad Thompson Total Truth
Garry Weaver
Steve Weaver Pastor Steve Weaver
Blake White Redeemed, Reformed, & Relevant
Adam Wilder
Brad Williams Sojourner
Adam Winters Slimer and the Real Erasmus
Danny Wright Carnivorous Caribou
Bret Rogers
Carolyn McCulley Solo Femininity
(Church and Ministry Relations @ Sovereign Grace Ministries

Scott Anderson Director of Events & Books @ Desiring God Ministries
Ken Boer
Director of Music (Covenant life Church, Gaithersburg, MD)
Mel Duncan
Director of Church Relations @ Ligonier Ministries)
Kevin Meath
Director of Communications & Print Publishing @ Sovereign Grace Ministries


Brad Hughes
Chris Dilly
Ben Dockery
Ben Brado
Mark Dolan
Terri Coobs
Daniel Canales
Stephen Newell
K.J. Pugh
James Risner

It has been great to see many of you bloggers joining the Band of Bloggers Blog Directory. Let me encourage you to do so if you haven’t. Also, James Thompson has already built a website template for The Band of Bloggers in which future posts will be made concerning the gospel, our lives, and the glory of God. It will serve as a residual and remembrance of what this is all about. Once the conference is over, the band of bloggers is just beginning. More on that to come later.

Finally, please pray for a great meeting for us. While the blogosphere has the tendency to be very polemical and divisive, it is important to affirm the essentials of our faith and rally our hearts, lives, and ministries around the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that the Lord would do such a work in us and through us to impact our world and the blogsophere for the glory of Christ. Thank you.

– Timmy Brister